Thursday, 25 February 2010

Archeological dig reshaping human History

" it was the urge to worship that brought mankind together in the very first urban conglomerations. The need to build and maintain this temple, he says, drove the builders to seek stable food sources, like grains and animals that could be domesticated, and then to settle down to guard their new way of life. The temple began the city."
"Religion now appears so early in civilized life—earlier than civilized life, if Schmidt is correct—that some think it may be less a product of culture than a cause of it, less a revelation than a genetic inheritance. The archeologist Jacques Cauvin once posited that "the beginning of the gods was the beginning of agriculture," and Göbekli may prove his case."
"Schmidt concludes that man's first house was a house of worship: "First the temple, then the city," he insists. "

It sounded so familiar so I started searching for a quote from Baha'i writings , this is what I found.
"Hence, we learn that religion is the cause of honor, is the cause of advancement, is the cause of civilization, is the cause of the happiness of mankind..."

 Compilations, Baha'i Scriptures, p. 389

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