Monday, 28 June 2010

 a BBC documentary

"Adam Curtis' acclaimed series examines the rise of the all-consuming self against the backdrop of the Freud dynasty.
Sigmund Freud's work into the bubbling and murky world of the subconscious changed the world. By introducing a technique to probe the unconscious mind, Freud provided useful tools for understanding the secret desires of the masses. Unwittingly, his work served as the precursor to a world full of political spin doctors, marketing moguls, and society's belief that the pursuit of satisfaction and happiness is man's ultimate goal.
To many in both politics and business, the triumph of the self is the ultimate expression of democracy, where power has finally moved to the people. Certainly the people may feel they are in charge, but are they really? The Century of the Self tells the untold and sometimes controversial story of the growth of the mass-consumer society in Britain and the United States. How was the all-consuming self created, by whom, and in whose interests?"

The thing that got stuck in my mind was about the phrase "infinite desires" of humans, which, unfortunately, is so true.

"We should continually be establishing new bases for human happiness and creating and promoting new instrumentalities toward this end. How excellent, how honorable is man if he arises to fulfill his responsibilities; how wretched and contemptible, if he shuts his eyes to the welfare of society and wastes his precious life in pursuing his own selfish interests and personal advantages."
Abdu'l-Baha : The Secret of Divine Civilization

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Art jewelry

Jewellery signifies items of personal adornment. I would love that my jewellery be taken as a personal physical adornment, but even more than that, I wanted them to be a reminder to adorn the soul with virtues and qualities.

Any way I was thinking about "Unity" when I made the designs. If it doesn't look right I guess I have to try harder :) My jewelry is made with copper and a type of glass whose colors shift depending on the angle of view.

Just like every soul is unique, so my pieces of jewellery are unique. Even if someone asks me fo...r a previous piece I will be unable to replicate it to the very detail. So if you see something that you like, seize the opportunity!

I used Fused Glass and copper in this model. The glass pieces are designed and fused by me.

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Monday, 21 June 2010

"The sciences of today are bridges to reality; if then they lead not to reality, naught remains but fruitless illusion."
Abdu'l-Baha : Selections from the Writings of Abdu'l-Baha

How is our consciousness connected to the world?
Japan Science and Technology Agency made an interactive web page that will "Explore the unconscious functions of the brain with visual illusions and mysterious perceptual phenomena. " If you have 30 minutes you will find out new things about you, your mind, your self.

Web page here: http://www.Japan Science and Technology

I guess we see just what we think we see...