Wednesday, 31 March 2010

This work started as an experiment, of course.
A Glass face.
We, humans are also transparent, you can see the emotions on faces, but emotions are inside our head not on the face, so that means you can see trough the face inside the head, into the mind. Because of the feelings you look at the real entity in front of you, not just the material body. I've made different faces, different races, I'm sure that you can see the difference between them.
They have one thing in common, the feelings, they all have the same range of feelings, like when you are shy and you blush, you turn red. Even if they are a frozen liquid (glass), you can still see the sentiments of my glass faces, they blush, they become pale, like real faces due to the colored light coming from behind the glass face.
Light is manifested trough the power of the electricity, electricity makes the light to light up the glass faces. The brain use electric signals to make our face muscles react, it is all happening behind the mask-face. 
Hey that's a good name for this work:)

Remember, look behind the maskface, don't be fooled!


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